Who do we think we are!?!

After listening to a few episodes, you may find yourself asking that question. Check out some of our info below to get to know a bit about your hosts and why we are pretty certain we're right about just about everything.

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Is it really that I have no tact...or you can't handle the truth?

I am Mia aka TactlessKnowItAll#2 and Co-Host to one of the best damn podcast that you will ever listen to.  I live in my truth and I speak my mind a lot.  I am the woman that I was meant to be.  I strive for peace and progress beyond what is expected of me.  I don’t apologize for the woman I am because there is no reason to.  There is more to me than meets the eye therefore you must listen to me carefully to get to get to know me.  My words are never as deep as my thoughts, but always heavier than the weight of my physical presence.  I am on a never-ending journey of understanding and self-improvement.  I may not know every single thing that there is to know in the world, but I know enough and am smart enough to respect the difference.

I try to only speak when I have a reference to speak on.  I am not perfect as no one is, therefore, I am always willing to learn something new and improve in any way that I can.  The best of me is yet to come and as I go through this journey, I make sure that I always bring integrity, truth and reality along as my guide.  I set aside the bullsh*t and make-believe a long time ago.  Sometimes my truth may not be pleasing to your ears and my lack of preferred tact may be a bit abrasive and harsh, but in the end I am giving you the raw and true me and there has got to be something to respect and appreciate about that.  I am not just another chick named Mia.

My Motto:

P³ – Peace in all things that surrounds me, Progress beyond what I see before me and Possession of my own destiny by controlling what is in my power to control and eliminating the poisonous actions of others that would prefer I fail rather than applaud my success.

Some quick facts:

Born:  Atlanta, Georgia (Grady baby? Yes…Believer that Decatur is Greater? A resounding HELL NO!!!)

Loves:  Good Music, Great Food, and Honest People

Hates:  Trap Music, Bad Service, and Liars

Education:  Life, Motherhood, The United States Marine Corps (Semper Fidelis) and a little bit of college here and there.

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...So, because I research before I open my mouth, That makes me a "know-it-all"?

Have you ever been in a phone conversation or a social setting with a friend, y’know, the one that always has a crisis? I’ve been there many times and invariably they’ll ask for advice (or say something so stupid that it’s begging for some advice) and I’ll do what I always do: actively listen, try to imagine the situation from their perspective, as well as, the other party or parties’ perspective involved in the long *ss story I’ve been trapped into. Anyways, they tell the story and you look at them with the well-this-is-so-obvious-do-I-really-need-to-tell-you(?) face followed by opening your mouth and giving them straight-to-the-point (yet, sound) advice. You are then thanked for your effort and time you’ll NEVER get back with: “you think you know everything, don’t you? You’re not seeing this from my perspective…” Blah, Blah, Blah.

Sound familiar? For me, it’s all too familiar and I’ve decided to embrace the title, as opposed to what I normally did which was to explain, explain, apologize then explain more. Whenever you’re confident about what you believe in- you’re called a “know-it-all”. When you refuse to back down simply because your opinion is not the most popular- you’re called a “know-it-all”. When you never admit you’re wrong, when it’s clear you are…well, you’re just an a**hole, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. What we are talking about here and my point in saying all of this is that: Being called or considered a “know-it-all” isn’t an insult and I refuse to run from it any longer.

To quote Ice Cube from “Dead Homies”…

So I take everything slow, go with the flowAnd shut my motherf*ckin' mouth if I don't know (Word!)

…but when I do know, and you ask me, I’m going to tell you flat out. No punches pulled, no feelings spared and absolutely no f*cks given. That’s also the philosophy behind this podcast. What you’ll get is our 100% honest opinion on everything from: politics, racism, religion, news to current events, parenting and day-to-day living from a humorous  and authentic viewpoint.

Bottom line:  I am an independent thinker and do not subscribe to group think. I’m just me. It took me long time to get comfortable with just being me and not worrying about what whoever thinks about me and how someone views what I do, like or think. I’ve gotten to old to be inauthentic (that’s a word, right?) and hopefully, through this podcast, we can help someone get to that same level of freedom (or at least show how much fun it is!).

Some quick facts:

Born:   New Orleans (please just say it regularly. don’t turn it into n’awlins. Visitors sound stupid when they try too hard. Thanks for your understanding).

Likes:  Music in general but Hip Hop raised me(the real kind, not this bubble gum sh*t out now), soul music, soul train, soul claps (you get the point) Sports that don’t have 200 game seasons (I’m looking at you baseball, good gawd).

Dislikes:  Soul food (didn’t see that coming,huh?), intellectual cowards (I’ll explain over the course of many episodes, I’m sure), unnecessarily sensitive people, people who say “smile, you look mad all the time”. I better stop here…

Education:  Well, I almost got an undergrad degree once…that counts, right? College is too expensive. I felt I had to go, then I realized had to leave. End of story.