The question came to us when we were thinking about this whole podcasting thing: Why has this become a mini-addiction for us? Sure, it’s fun for us, but this episode we decided to delve into what really goes on in our minds when we do these shows, what was our goal when we started and what keeps us coming back to do more. Also, we talked about some of the shows we regularly listen to and gave some reasons why. We encourage anyone seeing this or listening to this episode to check out the shows we mentioned and/or venture out and find some that speak to you personally.

Shows mentioned:

Is The Mic Still on? –

12Kyle podcast –

Christal Clear –

Encyclopedia Hip Hop –

BangnatShow –

We Come From Bad News –

The PLP Podcast –

Bag Ladiez –

Conversation Con Artists Podcast –

Woke With Kids –

New Geechee Podcast –

TalkItOut –

Cock Tales –

Random Tandem Podcast –

The John Effect Podcast –

Just Say Words Podcast –

The 2nd Shift Podcast  –

The Drunken Knights –

The Conversation Theory –

Also, we mentioned The Read and The Friend Zone, but seriously… at this point, do you really need a link to find them?