This week, we’re talking about Jordan Peele’s latest movie: “Us”. We had no intention of talking about this movie nor doing a review, but we’ve talked about it basically everyday since we saw it and thought we’d share our thoughts on it here. A few things about this discussion: #1.- We only saw it once, #2.-  We purposely avoided any articles, videos, podcasts, etc. on the subject prior to recording and uploading this, so it’s very likely everyone else except us has this all figured out. But we didn’t want our thoughts to be tainted with all the premature think-pieces we’re pretty confident hit the web 2 hours after the movie premiered. And #3. – Lupita is a BEAST! If you haven’t seen the movie yet and plan on it, skip this episode. If you’ve seen it, check this episode out. We know we’re not the only ones who had these theories.