This past week we were “enlightened” by Twitter on a few things in the news and thought we would take a moment to speak on the crazy things that are lining these Twitter streets.  For starters Snoop Dogg has introduced a new video “Lavender” in which he takes jabs at Trump. He has a scene where he pretends to shoot a clown that bears a strikingly close resemblance to Trump.  Trump being Trump, of course, decides to Tweet his response to the video which in turn sparks a slew of responses on Twitter from the public and good ‘ol Bow Wow who fails to defend Snoop in his reckless jab at Trump and his threats to prostitute the First Lady.  Of course if that were not enough, T.I. decides to join the party and bring up the rear in his defense of Snoop’s honor.  Then we turn left and what do we find?  Cidney “Total Liberation” Green is hosting an Orgy in the ATL. Last but not least, Tyrese takes a blast at women for taking beauty modification too far.  He believes that it makes women “look like a manufactured clown”.