How many times a day do we lie? That’s this week’s subject: Lying. To be clear, we’re not talking only about malicious deception or purposeful lies, but also the ones we consider tiny, small or “insignificant” lies. The recent issue involving ESPN’s Jamele Hill’s comments (100% truthful in our opinion) on Trump brings up an interesting issue: If she had been more comfortable with lying, she’d not be dealing with this blow back, but would that have been worth it? Also, if she has to lie to keep her position, should she? Is it possible in today’s society to be completely honest (24/7/365) and not make your own life more complex? Do we tell people their baby is cute (even when it’s clearly not) because it’s easier for us to lie and not deal with the repercussions of our honesty? We all know we tell ourselves that we’re “being polite” or “being politically correct”, but what’s the difference between that and just becoming more and more comfortable with daily lying? Has today’s society just made us all bullshit artists in one way or another? We try to answer these questions and we also issued a challenge to ourselves.