This week, we’re talking a little bit of football, but a LOT of fake patriotism. The NFL preseason began this week and, although, players in the NFL were threatened to not protest, some decided to do it anyway. Invariably, the people who want to make this about the military came out (once again) saying the same b.s. they have for the last few seasons about “disrespecting the flag” blah, blah, blah. So,we wanted to take a deeper look into that argument, mostly because Mia is a Veteran of the Marine Corps and takes issue with these “Thank you for your service”, part time, fake ass “patriots” that will speak on any and everything but the actual subject at hand (police brutality). And it seems weird to her that there is apparently so much support out here for the military, veterans and their families when it’s about the anthem,…but it hasn’t trickled down to her as a black, American, woman, veteran…ever! Weird how that works, huh?