This week we’re talking about millennials. Just for the context we’re using when we say “millennials”, we’re talking about those born from around 1982 to 2002. So, last week a story came out about some Florida teens who recorded a man drowning and didn’t attempt to help, call for help or report the incident in any way. It started a dialogue off the mic that we decided to bring on the mic about the state of millennials and the world in general that this incident could happen and result in no charges being filed. Overall, what you’re about to listen to can be simplified (by some) as old heads ranting and raving about the younger generations’ short-comings…and that’s not totally inaccurate. But, what’s more accurate is we’re having a discussion on whether this generation has become entitled, narcissistic and callous as a result of social media’s influence or is social media just a magnifying glass?