In this episode, we weigh in on the marijuana legalization debate. Whether you refer to it as: weed, pot, kush, Mary Jane, herb, ganja or some other name we haven’t been ¬†made aware of yet, marijuana has become a hot topic lately. This heated debate got hotter when Denver, Colorado legalized recreational marijuana and was successful in regulating the weed industry all while simultaneously raking in a reported $1.1 billion in legal sales of medical and recreational marijuana in 2016 ($82.8 million in retail cannabis sales in October alone). We visited Denver in 2016 and the trip exposed us to an industry that is fueling the Colorado economy via recreational and medicinal ¬†marijuana, edibles, cannabis oil, etc., helping patients with various ailments relieve pain, and too many documented medical benefits to list here. All of this got us to thinking…this is still illegal why, again, exactly?