This week we’re talking about the pattern of black people seemingly not being able to live and be black at the same time and not have police called on them for doing pretty typical things. Things like: BBQ-ing in a public park, waiting for a friend in Starbucks or, as we’ve seen in this latest case: selling water (while being 8 years old, mind you) as a Disney trip fundraiser. This is, of course, a non-exhaustive list and even though we brought up another 10-15 other instances, we couldn’t do a show long enough that would cover every instance. However, we do think it’s a pattern and we also believe it’s not by any means the end, but just beginning. We also believe the next group this will turn on is the most vulnerable and as a result will make this disturbing pattern even more unbearable to simply witness…long story short: This sh*t has to stop and we talked about why in this episode.