This week we’re talking about our money. When we say “our”, we not talking about us as the hosts, but “our” as in black people in America. There seems to be still a disconnect between business owners who are in a position to provide goods and services to the black community and those who actually want to do it. We’ve noticed that there is a blatant disregard for black people’s business in many instances and we wanted to discuss why we think it’s still prevalent in 2017. As recently as this month, Houston’s (restaurant) refused to seat a party of 7 (black people, of course) and when the party tried to accommodate Houston’s by splitting up, they were still denied! We spoke about our personal experiences at that same restaurant and also about a few other place we felt didn’t respect us as customers and as a result no longer get our business. Finally, we talked about black economics in general and what our philosophy is on patronizing businesses, black or otherwise.