This week we’re talking about religion. I know…I know, this isn’t the most popular subject for some, but we kept getting reinforcement in different forms that made us just decide to talk about it. We watched a Netflix movie called “Come Sunday” and that was the final straw. Long story short, some of the views in it were very similar to feelings and beliefs we have had debates about off the mic. Does Hell exist? Is the Devil real? Do murderers, child molesters, etc. have any chance of going to heaven? What about atheist? We answered all of these questions based on our beliefs during this episode. The idea is not to convert anyone to our way of thinking, but to simply express our point of view on the subject. That being said: If this subject is too sensitive for you, skip it…we (as usual) didn’t bother to take into account every single persons’ feelings before recording, we just pressed record and spoke from the heart.