This week, we’re going to have a conversation about a movement we were recently made aware of: #ADOS. ADOS is an acronym that stands for American Descendants of Slavery. We had to have our main man Tunje come on and represent for the part of this conversation that’s missing in our opinion: How does this movement look and feel to and African who was born in Africa, but grew up in black American culture? Now, we’ve echoed many of the sentiments that the overall movement professes, but we also like to make sure we don’t get caught in a pattern of following for the sake of being a part of something. To be fair, we posed a few questions and went from there: Is this just xenophobia rewarmed for Africans? Is it divisive for black Americans to desire a separate distinction from continental Africans that immigrated to america? Is this just a bunch of pro-Trump black folks trying to bamboozle us into voting that clown in again? As with most things, there are some thing about this movement we can totally get behind and there are parts we totally disagree with. listen in as we go down that list.