This week we’re talking about 4 people that seem hell bent on f*ckin’ up a good thing: Bill Cosby was found guilty on charges of rape and is facing up to 30 years in jail; R. Kelly is still “R. Kelly-ing” like he has been since Steve Urkel was on TV, but lately people have actually come to their senses and took notice; Kelis dry snitched on Nas, which isn’t really an issue…the issue is how many people refuse to believe her and want some sort of “proof” to validate her claims; And then there’s Kanye…Listen, Kanye took the cake and made it evident to us there was no way we’d spend an entire show on his foolishness and, in effect, giving him what he most likely wants or, at the very least, would benefit from: everyone talking about him at all times. Kanye was the tipping point that let us make the decision to save our sanity¬†and run through all 4 topics in one episode.