This week we’re talking about Gentrification. What inspired us to talk about this subject is the incident that recently happened in Washington D.C. at a Metro PCS store (If you haven’t heard about it, we explained it in the beginning of this episode) that started theĀ #DontMuteDC movement. We realized that although D.C. is a long way away from Atlanta, this is not new or unique and wanted to explore some of the effects of gentrification from the ground level. So, we spoke about this topic from 2 perspectives: #1. As black people who have been and have family that have been affected by gentrification and #2. As real estate investors that have tried to mitigate some of the damage caused during this process, and simultaneously educate and reinvest in the areas targeted around Atlanta. We tried to keep this light-hearted because it’s so easy to get pissed about this (and we have been), but we felt like this is the time to make incremental changes instead of just getting angry.