This week, we’re talking black economics. We’ve come a pretty long way in our personal financial journey (over the last 12 years) and as a result, it’s given us the opportunity to have more disposable income. Basically, we’re shopping more than we’ve ever been able to and felt like we should take a step back and take inventory of where (and to whom) that “extra” money was going. The term “buy black” is thrown around all the time, but we felt like the conversation is sometimes one-sided: Someone black telling someone else black that they should buy black and if they don’t why that’s stupid (or whatever). You rarely hear anything from the people who don’t or aren’t sure how to go about truly buying black. We admitted in this episode we don’t buy black as much as we could/should, but there are (was) reasons (excuses) for it. So this episode is just us being transparent about what we think the reasons are for us and many other black people not supporting black businesses. We also tried to figure out if black support would ever reach the level of a black economic liberation in our lifetime and if so, how.